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Nourishing the Soul Series

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D'Arcy Bruning-Haid - Therapist, Facilitator and Speaker - Masters in Counselling Psychology
Email: info@souls-journey.com www.souls-journey.com Phone: 204-475-5339 | Fax: 204-475-1604

Creating an inner balance in your life: A great gift to give yourself. A workshop designed to refuel, reconnect and nurture ourselves from the inside out. An opportunity to get off the treadmill of life and re-discover what you are needing, what is off balance and how to listen to the inner wisdom of your body and soul.

Listening to the wisdom of your body: An experiential workshop to learn how our emotional issues are connected with our chakra system and our chronic holdings in our body. Bioenergetic movement is based on the belief that our body holds our story and by working with the energy patterns in the body through breathing, grounding and releasing muscular tensions, we can learn to increase our aliveness and energy flow in our lives.

Befriending your inner critic: working with self-sabotage and fear: A powerful workshop to explore our fears and negative beliefs that prevent us from moving forward in our lives. A non judgmental atmosphere to help us better understand how our inner critic has the power to both help or hinder us. A multi-dimensional approach is used including: psychodrama, gestalt, breathing and laughter to help shake loose the old pacts and beliefs that have kept us stuck in life

Your money attitudes and their effects on your life: A "hands on" workshop to discover how your personal myths, values, beliefs and style effect your relationship to the energies of money. Focus is placed on identifying your blocks and obstacles that prevent you from having an abundant and soulful connection with money.

Freeing the soul from fear: A transformational workshop that dares to move the "C" from scared to sacred. An experiential approach is used freeing the mind, body and emotions using bioenergetics, psychodrama, gestalt work and laughter to help shake loose the old pacts and beliefs that have kept us stuck in life. An opportunity to go more in depth and reclaim the lost parts of ourselves by releasing that which is no longer serves you and bring forward more aliveness, spontaneity and passion.