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D'Arcy Bruning-Haid - Therapist, Facilitator and Speaker - Masters in Counselling Psychology
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The Art of Spiritual Parenting

Winnipeg Parent, Fall 2006

My children have been both my best teachers and the sources of my greatest challenges. They have helped grow me as a person challenging me in ways I didn't even know needed challenging at the time. Beginning with their conception and entrances into the world they have been constant reminders that I am not in control of much. Moving from the lack of sleep to the toddler phase of exhaustion to balancing the desire to continue my career and still be there for my kids. In each of their stages of development they have offered me lessons to stretch my patience, trust level, and my ability to think rationally when all I felt like doing was acting impulsively right back. In short they have grown me as a person and I am greatful.

The art of spiritual parenting is about taking a pause from the hardest job in the world ... the job that never ends! It's about stopping the world to get off for long enough to savor the delicious moments in time that helps grow us, make us humble, proud, stronger, wiser and clearer. It's all about slowing life down enough to extract the teachings, the opportunities and gifts that come out of the trenches of everyday life. Most of the time we are so busy trying to catch our breath, make lunches, put the right colored outfit into the pack back for assembly and get them off to school so that we can "get on with our days". It is real easy to get caught up in the "doing" part of parenting mainly because there is always no shortage of things to do. What is more difficult is actually taking time to connect with the "being" time of being a parent that allows for appreciating the depth of what life has to offer and feeling how blessed we really are.

I am a believer that every experience that is brought to us is a learning moment ... if we so choose to take it. We can spend a lifetime asking why things happen or we can remove the junk inside of us, the unfinished baggage of old hurt, disappointment and anger that we all carry in order to understand and figure out what the gift is truly about. Our life as a parent is about making choices. You know the hard ones like knowing when to trust our intuition and gut knowing in the midst of chaos, when to stand our ground and say no this won't work for me, and when to set limits and dare to disappoint others. Lest we not forget the big one: Balance with a capital B, how to best nurture ourselves "enough" to fully be there for our kids and partners. By giving ourselves permission to look at the darker side of our parenting, the hidden fears, worries, and concerns that are affecting our life choices, we can admit out loud the things we are not so proud of. This helps us hold onto less shame, blame and fear inside. Gently, we discover what is holding us back from letting our children guide us in receiving more of that infinite wisdom and love we are all so deserving of that makes parenting worth all the hard work and effort. If you are interested in exploring this topic further ... come join D'Arcy for a 10 week group starting January - May 2007, Thursday evenings twice a month as she guides an intimate group of like minded parents to explore both the darker and more spiritual sides of parenting in a safe and sacred environment.